Without A Heart

Today I had surgery, My heart was removed. It was not bad,
it was not sick. (it was filled with love for only you.)
you did not use any pain killer, I had to experience all the
pain involved, to be sure it was removed.
you did not ask if I wanted it removed, nor did you ask
how I would live without it.
You used the sharpest instrument known to man.
I am glad my heart is gone, because you will never be able
to break it again. I never want another. The one you removed
was no good to anyone but you anyway.
Too bad you did not see this before the surgery.
I always knew, one day you would remove my heart.
But I did not know it would be so soon.
So, if someday you come to me and ask my forgiveness,
I cannot forgive you,
Because it takes a loving heart to forgive, and mine is gone!

by Bertha Gonzalez

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