Without A Trace

You went away without a trace
If I could only again see your face
Looked for you at every corner
Grieved for you just like a mourner
I saw you in the stars up above
Twinkling in the sky, just like my love
Saw you in the waves over a stormy sea
Sitting alone under the weeping willow tree
Fleeting thoughts of you always came to mind
Searching for a jewel that's so hard to find
Walking down a dark and lonely narrow street
Saw some faceless strangers that I happen to meet
You went away without a trace
The fear of never having to see you once again
Bought a ticket and got on the morning train
I went to visit a place where we always met
A special place we shared I could never forget
You went away without a trace
It finally came to a stop that was my destination
I began to feel a tingling and a sweet sensation
A warm and tender feeling raced up and down my spine
You ran towards my open arms and was forever mine

Copyright 2014

by Patricia Grantham

Comments (8)

Sincere, sad, sweetly poignant with a happy ending. Well rhymed and cadenced. A pleasure to read. Love those happy endings-10
It is nice of a person to go in search of a friend. It is a wonderful feeling to find the friend and taking into arms.
A sweet poem full of warmth and I am happy that the relentless search for the lost face finally ended in a happy way with the person himself coming to your open arms, never to be separated again!
Very insightful and scripted very poignantly with feelings so eternal.......this's amazing......Grantham
If I could again see your face......beautiful poem ever composed. Excellent one shared in forum.
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