Without Holiness

The early Church filled with fear and reverence was set apart,
Thrust into the world to preach the Gospel with all their heart.

That early group being tiny in number and fearful of heart,
Were given a special boldness to help them with their start.

Although The Spirit filled them with this boldness at the start,
A very deep sense of Fear and Holiness played a major part.

But today in the Church we have accepted an unreasonable duplicity,
Where Holiness in our walk no longer appears to be a necessity.

This kind of thinking is truly foolishness, you can be assured,
For without a walk of Holiness, no man will see The Lord.

By walking down that narrow road, which is the only way deemed right,
That early group of Believers drew many out of darkness into Light.

Now as the Church Age is ending, we seemed to have lost our sight,
As many professing Believers appear to be walking in the night.

Although Salvation was a Gift from God, for Christ it came at cost,
And the debt He left us all to pay was His compassion for the lost.

Holiness is truly essential to guide the lost, as the end draws near,
However, the Church appears to have lost this essential godly fear.

Holiness however, is something that simply can not be ignored,
For without Holiness the Bible declares, no man will see The Lord.

(Copyright © 04/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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