Sonnet-To My Beloved Motherland, India

My India, I’m proud to be thy son;
My heart with joy leaps for being here born;
My soul with anguish fills for havoc done;
If country needs my life, let me adorn.

This is my land beloved, my Motherland;
This is my home, my ancestors came from;
Even an inch of it, I cannot hand,
Nor spare it to an alien for a sum.

This is the air which I had breathed at first;
This is the soil that gave me food to eat;
This is the water which appeased my thirst;
This is the place that gave me my heart-beat.

My India, who canst challenge thy state?
My blood is thine for any future date.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (4)

Powerful. A soul in pain here. - - - - - what prepares us for what will never save us?
Nicely written poem, thanks for sharing.
Difficult it is to look! Thanks for sharing.
Quite an opening stanza, that has lived with me the days, since i first read it. When you learn Ms.Goedicke battled cancer a lot of her life and the failing mental powers of her beloved second 'When Earth Begins to End' it puts a new light on some of the poetry.