May I Bring You Burning Incense?

When the dark skies bring you gloom
and cold rain
may I bring you sunshine?

When the robin sings
so melodious and beautiful
may I help you to dance
to an unknown rhythm?

When the soul calls you
to sit and pray in solitude
may I bring you burning incense?

When you are sick
may I come to you
with my healing touch
and enlivening kiss?

You are so dear to me.
I give myself to you.
That is my joy.

(This was published in Poetfreak under the name of Genovamaaa. Genova was my beloved mother. She died at the young age of 38. I want to keep her name alive as long as I am alive) .

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (4)

Powerful. A soul in pain here. - - - - - what prepares us for what will never save us?
Nicely written poem, thanks for sharing.
Difficult it is to look! Thanks for sharing.
Quite an opening stanza, that has lived with me the days, since i first read it. When you learn Ms.Goedicke battled cancer a lot of her life and the failing mental powers of her beloved second 'When Earth Begins to End' it puts a new light on some of the poetry.