MT (July / Kentucky)

Without Patience

Even with all the problems in my life, when he is around, they disappear. The only thing on my mind is him. When his arms are wrapped around me, and i feel his gentle touch and kiss, for a quick second i feel like nothing in this world could hurt me, that life is perfect, and i never want that moment to end. He makes me smiley, and giggly, and around him i can be myself. Its amazing how much we are alike without even realizing it. The love that i have for him feels invincible. Like no one could ever change it or mold it, or hurt it in anyway. but when the moment ends... and i have to watch him walk away i know that wen we both go to bed, our arms will be empty, and we will await without patience the next moment we will see each other.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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