Without Scheduling Nothing Gets Done

I will argue with you.
Or debate on any topic you wish.
And there is no need to look surprised.
I am here for 'you'.
I want you to know that.

If you want to take the time with me,
To argue about your stupidity...
I will take the time to show you,
How stupid I use to be...
Before I realized time moves on.
And the time I'm finding now to waste with you,
Has already been scheduled on my 'Waste Of Time' list.

And I refer to this as stupidity,
Because that's exactly what this is.
'Stoo' with a 'pidity'.

I don't want to hurry you.
But you do have three minutes left.
Out of the generosity of my heart,
I've given five people five minutes per week...
To waste a total of twenty five minutes of my time,
To argue or debate or 'whatever' it's called to do with me.

I've learned without scheduling nothing gets done!
We're on 'your' time.
Not mine.
You can stare as long as you wish.
But you've got two minutes left and that's it!

Don't test me.
I'm serious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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