Without The Bubbling

The fairyland gloss on life
erodes as we age and saps
or weakens her fizz of joy.

Now you're a juggler balancing your gains and losses.

Gone is the bubbling yummy of your first soda.
You wistfully transfer your taste to the pure fruit juice kick.

Cracks appearing in your hero's make up dulls you.
Knowing you are a lot wiser lifts you somewhat.

You see the claws of justice can't reach all wrong.
Mind notes of winning battles helps you smile proud.

Touched by nuances clouding human love,
guard dogs are placed on your love tray,

Hype is pricked by truth to free her lies
and help you realize flawed parts can't make ideal.

Just the flat bubbles hang on to help you like
your hobbies, hopes and causes without the tingle.

by Dorothy Randle Clinton


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