Without Write, I Would Remain Dumb

First I heard a sound.
I ignored it.
Then again it sounded.
I felt strange.
Still I did not mind.
Then it was a big bang,
followed by a primordial Aum.
I followed it.
I reached no where!
It was vibrating infinite.
It still vibes in my soul.
I meditated in my thoughts.
I found my angels floating.
I got some more syllables.
I placed it well in my mind.
My intellect put it in shapes.
I created alphabets of tones.
Then I pictured its shape.
That was shape of things to come.
Genuinity of my expressions,
found a place in a paper.
I wrote my first hymn.
“Vasudeva Kudumbakam”
All creation is one among the family:
I created my poem.
I scripted my story.
My Novel, then a lot of words
It is an infinite mountain.

One day I dropped myself into silence.
I could not move my pen.
i don’t know what I have written.
but i know; “without I write I would remain dumb”
Oh my muteness rejuvenates me.
I don’t know.
What shall I write? In future.
Let my quill guide me?


by Satheesan Rangorath

Comments (2)

Thank You RoseAnn Very kind of you to read and comment on this poem. Greetings Satheesan
A fascinating poem, subliminal and profound, I enjoyed it very much. Our minds always move the quill in the silence of our thoughts. Thank you, RoseAnn