Without You


Thats what it felt like to be with you,
you tore me down while I tried to stay up.
Those words you spoke, whispers to screams,
all the same horrible truth to me.
You lied and made me feel like dirt,
no matter how hard I tried to break free you always pulled me back
no matter how much I cried or how much I hated you,
you had a grip.

Even now when we are 'friends' I have to admit I still can't see you without being scared
without feeling small
I always tell you that I forgave you but what I never told you or anyone else was that
you didn't have to hit me to be abusive
you didn't have to cheat on me for me to feel deceit
you didn't have to turn off the lights for it to be dark
you didn't have to
break me,
shatter me to pieces,
humiliate me,
kill me on the inside
for me to feel it.

But even though that happened I just want you to know that I have beat your curse and I am better I know now love without you.

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great job... living well is the best revenge (i think hemingway said that)