Without You

Sometimes I just can’t help to fear
That the story of us will one day disappear
That the day for the end of us is coming near
That you will one day not love me as you did before
That you will no longer love me from the core
That you will never give me that feeling to soar

I just worry too much sometimes
That without you, I will never feel fine
That without you, feels like a crime
That I won’t have anymore good times with you together
That I won’t get anymore red rose flowers
That I will only have friends to gather

I just somehow know that together forever is not what it will be
That one day you will let go of me
That one day you will leave my heart to sink in the deep sea
That soon it’s coming, you’re going to break my heart
That soon it’s going to be over and we’ll part
That soon we will be far, far apart

by Rachel Blank

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