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Without You
AY (August 15,1989 / Toronto, Ontario)

Without You

Poem By Alexandra Yeboah

Without you,
there is no point in living.
Why should the sun keep shining,
The Birds singing,
The Flowers blooming?

Without you,
I feel all alone,
isolated from the sweet sound
of your gentle voice
whispering in my ear.
And from the strong grip
of your sturdy hands placed
firmly in my own.

There’s nothing for me,
in a world without you.
You are the reason why I sing.
You are the reason
why I can get up to a sun
shining so vividly
in the morning sky.

Why should I laugh,
Why should I dance,
Why should I sing,
When you are not
beside me all the way?

I feel no comfort,
and no one to guide me
down the right path.
I need you to hold my hand
and stay by my side each
and every step of the way.

Please be there
to hold me close
and wipe away my tears.

I need you more than
you’ll ever know.
For Without You Lord,
I am nothing.

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Comments (3)

im really touched, may God thats says that He will not leave nor forsake be with you Alex
Like Amanda said, you are not alone, Alex. And I noticed something, too: towards the end of the poem, the word 'you' was with a capital 'Y, ' to me, meaning 'God.' This is why you aren't alone :) He's with you! And He's with me, too! I hope this is what you had meant..
You aren't alone. I'm sure the person that you are talking about is with you all that way, holding your hand and singing, dancing, and laughing with you. Beautiful poem, Alex.