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Without You Here

Without You Here

I cant stop crying
I want to stop
But my heart..
It hurts so much

I am still stuck here
With a memory of you
I cant let go
I don’t want to

You’re all I could ever need
All I want to carry on
Without you here
Life’s just not fun

If I cant be with you
Not even for a day
I get so crazy and the..
Tears wont go away

How can just one person
Have such an impact on me
My heart was so closed up before
Then u came and set it free

Set me free now..
I need release..
I know its not your fault
We just weren’t..
Meant to be

I know you’re up there somewhere
Over the rainbow
You’re looking and you’re
Waiting for me to come...
Sing you a song

It’s the place we’ve always dreamed of
Just the two of us
The place where lovers go and..
Leave the whole world out

I miss you and I love you
Forever and a day
You will forever be my heart’s..
Strongest weakness

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