Without You Lord

Poem By Lancashire Lass Susan

WITHOUT You Lord I would be a piece of flotsam tossing on a stormy sea
A train in a hurry gaining momentum to certain disaster
A leaf clinging precariously to it's last bit of sanity
An empty soul hungering for something more
A prisoner locked in the fears of her mind
A body that thinks it's in control of its nourishment, uncontrolled in its appetites.
Each day waking without wonderment, going through the motions, striving to remain happy.
Wanting, always wanting SOMETHING MORE!

WITH You Lord I am ALIVE
You ARE love
You are the sunshine in my existence
You are the rudder steering my boat through the choppy seas
You give meaning to every second
You bring satisfying nourishment to my being
You my Lord ARE the sum total of everything that's good
You are in my laughter, My answered prayers
My comfort and you dry my tears as I listen to Your voice
You urge me to aim higher, to stretch wider, to fall deeper into You

You ARE my everything, my ALL in ALL
The air that I breathe, I breathe from You
The words that I speak, I speak from You
The songs that I sing, I sing from You
The Holy Spirit that dwells in me is from You
The power to heal that is in me is POWER from You.

My will is Your Will now
Surrender is sweet because of trust
Faith is sure because I am loved
Obedience to Your commandments is assured and
becomes my cross that I carry gladly.
You ARE my gravity, my centre,

Comments about Without You Lord

As the Lord says...'you do this in worship of ME..'...and I thank you for sharing this! !

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