Good Bi Rain

Let the rain past
from my tears

Let the storm leave
my heart
and leave me be

*(Hook) let the rain come down
on me
no more

let the storm past
let my heart mend

how can cring for you never end

let no more, tears
pour from me eyes

plesae stop the rain
no more
no more rain
raining down on me

no more from my eyes

let the rain of tears
wash me clean

*(Hook) let the rain come down
on me
no more

by Verlecia fields

Comments (8)

A cheese churned out from your mouth of words...nice write10
Luv cheese luv your cheesey poem it makes me smile please give us a poem on stilton on fruit cake regards
And goat cheese is... Feta... umm. Adeline
Please....Please enough of the cheese.....
whats with you and cheese? ? ? ? ? ?
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