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BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)


Poem By Bindu Borle

I have been a witness,
Not in the court of law
But to a macabre act done in front of my eyes
A very gruesome incident,
No one was strangulated, there was no bloodshed
Nor was it a poisonous affair and neither a murder
It was a torturous happening
But will never make to the headlines
It is not an important issue for anyone
But it is important to me
For I have been the key person
My mind and registered each moment
My eyes watched it happen
My heart cried out
But no one could see the tears
My lips longed to say something
But nothing came except the sound of silence
I like a mute spectator
Just watched me happiness being killed
Step by step, not in one blow
But like a wet wood being lit
Just burning slowly.
Groping for life
And trying to survive
Nut all in vain
My happiness has been killed
Now nothing remains but memories.
The verdict has been passed.
I have lost forever.

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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