Poem By Gencay


You know me
I am the poet and writer of nothingness.
Problems with my pen and
sadness flows.

I knew one more heart
Love flows out of your tongue.
And wise
Significant words.

I am always with you
i drink
I am always with you.

I have known you as a friend
There is peace in my sleeplessness!
I liked you
I valued.

You are a sorcerer, sorcerer!
A water in my dry throat
You are my pain without treatment
You are a sorcerer, sorcerer!

I know you're reading this now
I think like you
Although I am so ignorant
I kissed Bilgi in your words.

I hugged love
I caress your hair
I grew up
In those words of the magical wizard.

I'm such a person
As you get acquainted, you will get stuck
You will enter Tesirim
But you will love it.

You are such a person
You are a wizard
I have always been under influence.

Address to my teacher!

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