BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)


Mind caught in limbo / Disjointed thought
Where will my boy go / When I am naught
Why must he bear this / Unholy load
Poor gifted angel / Lost on the road
…called life

He was a sweet boy / With ready smiles
Whose joyful laughter / Rang all the while
A lively spirit / A jolly sort
Dispersing brightness / To all his court
…like breath

But day has fallen / Night taken o’er
A misty presence / Looms at the door
Relentless pacing / Incessant dearth
Has cast an anchor / And come to berth
…in lies

Subjected mettle / Unfocused soul
His conquered heartstrings / Grow withered cold
Yet unacquainted / He’s unaware
Obliquely lonely / Yet cannot care
… adrift

And I despairing / Observe forlorn
Bereft of power / My heartstrings shorn
Unkempt and weary / Down-at-heel
My heart lies teary / Too drained to feel
…so sad


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