Wolf And Sheep

Wolf and sheep

One of my favourites
-is dipping in cultures

Language is always
-the core, base, column

And the best form of tongue
-is packed in idioms, proverbs
-simpler make learning
-and convey stories.

Few words represent
-pages of prose, verse

As drops of the wine
-come from gardens, vines

The cultures distilleries
-have long-long history

Persians say:
-strange its meaning:
- "Wolf and Sheep, "
-for message, it carries

Speaks of the time when
-sky turns boxing rink
-for many of knock downs

Sun plays with clouds
-in and out; hide and seek
-rain, shower, scattered

Meaning is far perfect
- "Is tough and unsettled! "

by Nassy Fesharaki

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