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Since The Day That Love Came To Your Heart (Italian Sonnet) [2]
SM (21-01-2003 / Odisha, India)

Since The Day That Love Came To Your Heart (Italian Sonnet) [2]

Since the day that love came to your heart
life feels as if it's played out on a stage
in times of true happiness and rage
where you do act and I play my part

and although joy is sometimes a art
that is not understood in the modern age
where people are content to earn their daily wage
there is something more to our feelings from the very start

and yet never will these true feelings fade,
never will our love be only temperate
as there is much more to it
or only be of happiness a kind of shade
or last to only a sell by date
as daily it grows bit by bit.

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i have a friend Down Under a great poet he but like a gal he looks so he has turned into a woman not only in looks but replaces them with men you know what i mean
Women need to sit down and actually think about how important they are to this world, they need to realize we are meant to be at the helm. Unfortunately with the constant badgering and put down of men who think themselves God's only gift we find ourselves trailing long behind. That is changing and more and more women are taking their places at the helm and now is the time to continually grow. We who bring forth the children in this world are the most important vessels alive on this earth. Without women there is no world, without women there will be no men and it is women who have the last word and who will make the crucial decision as to whether to bring forth children or not. This might not be easy to swallow but all it takes is for women to realize their importance and to think strategically as to how to rid this planet of the brutes that walk this earth leaving us with only those who want peace and who are a part of bringing forth beings that can enhance and love each other recognizing that all human beings are worthy...Excellent poem...It is those who nourish that ought to rule. This world is a mess and why, think about who rules now…We need great change, the heavy hand, brutality, war mongers and sadistic brutes…will never bring peace to this world…Excellent poem.....
An impressive and heart touching poem............10
Birth of a female child is not welcomed because of we don't marry the without a dowry.
It is the negative minds of the people which had made it so. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
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