Poem By asha odathekal

Paint my sorrow with your indifferece
And stamp on my ego with your rude manhood
Hunt me down with your male pride
There you lie
On the crumpled bed sheet
Fatigued by your hungers
Call it manly
You will never know
You are fonder to me
When it rains outside
When the orange sun melts in my evening tea
When i lie here beside you
My hair dishevelled
My lips wet with your kiss
And a faint strain of lament
Lingers in the black vacuum between my naked thighs.

Comments about Woman

plain and powerful words!
What can I say...WOW. Just wow. You capture an essence that dares not be seen. Hunger.Passion. Dominant. I can honestly say I dont think many would've written anything like this but wow! You did it! and Splendedly I mght add. I love this poem! I dont usually do favorites but this one has me changing my mind. Lol keep up the great work.
Oh my, by the power and glory of Aphrodite, that is true passion here! What most intrigued me, is the staggering and sharp honesty about male domination. None will understand the female sorrow and her wants.....and this is pain here..

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you intrude into my identity
through the tiny wound of my gender
and sow the seed of your ego
in the womb of my melancholy


i smiled today.
after a long time.
now i smile and i smile
and tell everyone i am happy.


you said you needed your space
when you left.
no tears. no 'good bye'.
my bed canopied ny the void

At Last.

I love it-
When I shamelessly intrude into your sleep
And talk many a sleep deprived night to morning.
Darling, it's fun being a puzzle.

Things Unsaid.

Give me nothing to expect, Krishna;
Be elusive always.
Still, your Radha shall wait here
On the banks of this Yamuna