WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)


I would climb the highest mountain to speak with you, my swami
You are seer and knower of all things great and small
Your knowledge and understanding have no boundaries
Your intellect is only surpassed by your beauty and charm
Queen of my heart and princess of the earth
You are the mother of humanity and the bearer of fruits
Thru your manifestation you bring forth life
You are the queen of all things and the mother of humanity

Muse of my soul and the captain of my ship
I shall build you a garden house so I can reach you at my whim
Your sense of style and taste captures your spirit within
Fly me away so I can come on down to your sandy shores
In your red dress, you dress to impress

For everything, I do you are always on my mind
I dream a dream of being in your arms forever
A heavenly bliss that any man would die for
To taste your lips of cherry wine would be intoxicating
I would drink until I was fully inebriated
I would swim in your waters until I drown in your love

Your earthy brown tones I dream of embracing me
Your laughter brings joy to my moody day.
You must be an arsonist for you set my soul on fire
High on a throne you should be seated for I am only a jester at your side
You bring so much levity that sparks my humorous side
You are my beauty queen and I a mere minstrel at your periphery

You are a rare beauty a treasured find that is one of a kind
My nimble fingers can not construct the words to let you know how you make me feel
You are all that is good and pure in the world
Some say purely as the driven snow but I say purely as the first humans to walk this earth
Ask of me what you will for I will die trying to comfort you
Your sultry sense is not a state of being but a state of mind

Dance my tiny dancer for the world will travel to your beat
Dance to your own music for some just don't get you
Your colors are warm and they bring comfort to the eyes
How does one construct words to explain how you make me feel
Sweet Sensuous words of my true feelings
Words that will sway you in my way
Word that would captivate your heart from the start

To live a life of servitude with you would be a dream come true
You are a Goddess to be worshiped
You are more than any mere mortal can comprehend
The utterance of your angelic voice brings shivers down my spine
I can not rest until we converse again
When I am sad you make me glad
You are the true love that I never had

by Wilfred Mellers

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