O mighty creation of god but slighted,
Since the dawn of life,
You bear the insult and heavily suffered,
And carry spiritual light, glory of civilization and strife.

by Dr. Yogesh Sharma Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

The rhyme and rhythm of the poem is brilliantly crafted and what a beautifu subject crown it.Cheers
Woman! Sepent in the grass Angels without feathers Good write Doctor thats how I think about woman
Nicely rhymed. Your words have a lot of power. Good poem!
a good tribute to woman..woman definitely are different..and that should be cherished and appreciated..thanks for sharing
Very beautiful. I wonder still why you wanted me to read this one. I like it because I feel that as a woman, I must always prove myself twice as much as men do... but still I don't complain because I simply know that it will never change in the eye of human... So I continue to be strong and stay close to God... I feel that your poem relates to this, but maybe it has a different connotation.. that's how I read it.
This poem says alot about what you see and what you think. It is also very decribing and I like that.
Good job on the poetic intensions.
Poetic potentiality is quite revealing! Please keep it up!