Poem Hunter
(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


Poem By Francois Hoon

O you who make so many swoon at your feet
Through history your charm and your alluring splendor
Has always induced a sacrifice to meet

Sometimes I feel it’s a snare that’s slipped into
A trick of nature for spawning to persist
A trap nearly inevitable, laid for a lure
A next stage of a life, for loneliness a cure

Is it true that passion can really persist
Through years of haste and anger and stress
Of the routine mundane endeavors of life
Where feelings of elation are replaced by strife

O you who possess the paramount beauty
You carry eyes, affections, even hearts within
Like adornments and diamonds stroking on your skin
Of those you encounter along your course of life

I wonder at this wonder that always continues
Hearts meet in love but in time a bad omen
Yet a battle I feel sometimes in my sinews
To surrender to the beauty and love of a woman


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I think you did a magnificant job in the way you express yourself...and I know there's much more behind these words than what meets the eye!