A woman with words that would make you melt
A woman with poise, and had dealt
She had character, one of a kind
Had rhyme that would tangle your mind
She would try to be angry
But, never pulled that emotion past me
I would laugh at her thoughts
While at times feeling oh so lost
She could tell me how I felt
And my feelings would be a the tip of my tongue
This one lady had a very silly son
She would write so that her words you could hum
Lovely tunes that would flow off of your tongue
A woman who would take me back a step
She’s a special woman, I’m glad we met
Doubts would pass through my head
As she would take the stage tell of her meds
She was a mommy, had kids that probably knew
Their mommy was as special anything new
She had a light, couldn’t get away from it
She was so bright, a lady of pure might

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