AR (august 10,1971 / faisalabad, pakistan)

Woman Is In The Lap Of A, B, C.....

A says
Woman is attractive flower
B says
Woman is beautiful gift
C says
Woman is great source of comfort
D says
woman has a sweet dialect
E says
Eastern or western, woman is the worthy
F says
woman is central figure of family
G says
woman always glitters with the rays of her partner
H says
woman has holy spirits
I says
woman has basic institution in her lap
J says
woman is a full of joy
K says
woman is head of kisses
L says
woman is lovely thing
M says
woman is symbol of modesty
N says
nails increase the beauty of woman
O says
woman is an pretty ornament
P says
woman is princess
Q says
woman is queen
R says
woman is rare gift
S says
woman is a main source of survival the human being
T says
woman has true spirits of love
U says
woman is an peaceful umbrella
V says
woman is valley of love
W says
woman is wafer
X says
woman has sweet kisses
Y says
woman is your jewellary
z says
woman has great zeal

april 11,2008
abdul razaq

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Comments (6)

It is the poem of touching heart in the praise of women. I like it so much because women is the precious gift Allah Bundle of thanks Dear abdul razaq
hahahahhahhah sooo niceee
A complete mystery. Every individual woman. 84 Lacs Plusses and Minuses. You need hundreds of rebirths to understand her fully. Sometimes soft as rose, sometimes hard as rock. Go near her and bingo you face her heat Go away from her and bingo you feel ice cold Always searching for the right woman. A man's life ends in feeling empty and lifeless trying to understand woman.
It is a poem so nicely written in praise of woman... I like it
I love woman more that my God. God knows the mystery of woman. I live in that mystery. Thanks dear Razzaq.
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