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Woman Of Mine
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Woman Of Mine

Poem By kwane Lamb

I don't pretend to be the lover of lovers, I am just a man who is under new view, I am seeking to understand woman, A gift created like me by God. If I do not do this, It would make me feel odd. I am given unconditional love From the creator, As to not become a dictator. Now woman God has given me, We are created, We are both free. It was said. Let woman be! She is the apple of the Creator, And the center of man... later. Woman a door to romance She is, WOW! at a glance My life she will enhance. I ask myself day in and day out, Why do I cause woman to pout? Is it my pretending to respect her, The cause of her pain or... My lover of lovers driving her insane? I truly want to be up-right, Be 'A MAN' in her sight. Do what a man should do, To her be wonderful and true. Keep a pleasing smile on her face Drizzle her with flowers and victor-lace. Assuring her inner woman warmth, Gratifying her at every turn, Something she has certainly earned. Mother of man and his off-spring, To my world love, And caring she brings. A facetious and noble look at life, Easing what man considers as strife. Oh! how pleased I am with God, For creating such a person to share... My heart; Woman you are the bomb, No way are you dumb, Red, White, Black, and Blue, RESPECT! you are due...no one but you


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