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Woman's Heart
BS Bill Simmons ( / )

Woman's Heart

Here in this valley
I do stand
As I do, I look around me
I see the green grasses and flowers in bloom
And the remarkable structure of trees

I see birds as they fly
The clouds as they drift by
Ponds that are nourished by streams,
And as I ponder the creations of such
It is breathless these such wonderous things

I see love
And the dreams there of
The art, the romance, every part
And as I do see, it comes to me too
For created, is such a womans heart

The beauty and wonder of all this I see
How is it that such things can be
It is so true
Within this world of ours
It is woman the true mastery

It is woman and within her whole heart
Is all that is here before me
All one has to to, is to allow one single rose to die
The truth is seen,
For it is woman that weeps.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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another of your songs I guess.