AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Woman's Rage

It burns inside of me
The fire I thought was desire
Is searing in my heart
Of which I wanted no part
The scorching flames that it releases
To incandescent pieces
I close my eyes to darken skies
And I see your false smile and all the while
Your lying eyes held back the cries
And I hear your deceiving voice
Shutting me out as if I had no choice
I breathe and it hurts to the bone
Knowing now I stand alone
Exposing a weakness I never known
Missing you makes me mad with rage
I know you set me up on stage
To play me like a violin
Making me blind to what might have been
Now I can’t even look at myself
I feel like an outdated commodity on the pantry shelf
You swayed me to the perfect key
And I played your music in harmony
I am angry at you for your lies
The false facade behind your baby blue eyes
The betrayal of an honorable man
Who should have stayed but ran

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women can be much more worst than men...dont let her be your turantula, it can deadly. your poetry is amazing...thank you for sharing =]