Dark Daughter, I Shall Not Remain It Here, But You Will

My daughter,
Dark daughter,
I shall not stay it here
To see it up,
But you will, my daughter,
As the daughter of mine
which but they know it not
Whose daughter are you not,
Your pains and pines and woes,
What it troubles you
And your self,
What it hurts and wounds you, my love!

by Bijay Kant Dubey

Comments (3)

the tremors of uncertainty experienced at the the time of pregnancy of a child is beautifully and minutely exhibited in the poem. it focuses on the relationship of man and woman especially when they come to have a child. i think that the metaphor of uncertainty runs throughout the poem. and the last line oh, hold me i am afraid again indicates this uncertainty.
Oh hold me, for I am afraid. I have liked this woman to man poem. Keep up Judith
In this poem, as in many of her others, Judith Wright praises that which physically exists while sharing the greater reality that lives behind the curtain she pulls aside for us.