Poem Hunter
GSG (05/31/62 / Milwaukee, WI)


Floating in a glowing warmth
Under a constant, hypnotic beating heart.
Softly, whispers from distances
Telling of what the future holds.

Unselfish, giving all that is needed
Sustaining all that I am, all that I ever will be.
Caring, so no unimaginable harm comes
Wrapping me whole, with your love blanket.

Till the day of reckoning
When I am exposed to the light.
Torn from all that I know
A blackened hand of cold, grasping my feet.

No longer protected, safely tucked
Exposed flesh, virgin heart.
Comfort becomes chill, froze stiff
Shiver uncontrolled, imagined palsy.

Adaptation formed in immeasurable time,
The damp clay molded ever so softly.
Shaped into precast, position determined
Modeled after someone, something invisible.

Till one day, sometime future
All comes full circle, round and smooth.
Another womb engulfs me
Wrapping me whole, with your love blanket.

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