Poem By Garba Inuwa

Seek for them when U’re alone
Search somemore for they could be fake.

Understanding them is unrealistic
Oh! They themselves could be unreal

Some brats are mild, kind and gentle
Yet make no mistake about a change

they seduces, doom and deceive to
Have their way they condemn themselves.

When a king kneels down
To she. He’s open to self-destruction

Who does not know them is a coward
who cherish them becomes their slave

Only fools praises their way-ward-ness
Oh! They’re bunch of traitors.

How soft they were when they want U
How difficult they become when they get U.

Never contented with meager amount
Ah! Their demand exceed their Want.

Love, fame and so much fantasy
they hate the fruits of trust in their ecstasy.

They expect more than what they loose
Give them an inch, and they takes a Yard

The sweetness of honey they possess
When they sting you right ‘u loose control.

Their sinister was so sleazy,
so unpredictable and controversial.

Comments about Women

Women are clothes, covering men with their warmness.Excellent writes Garba.

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