When I was in the RN
All of my shipmates were men.
For women all frigates
Were strictly off limits,
So no skirts or dresses
To be seen in the messes.

Now the thought came to me
In the long days at sea
That a bloke is just great
To have as a mate
For the odd run ashore
In, say, Singapore

But otherwise—
Perhaps no surprise,
I’d much sooner be
In feminine company
For women are much nicer,
Like Mona Lisa

They intrigue us men
And when
They smile at us so sweetly
We become completely
Under their spell
As they know so well.

Women are much prettier,
Their conversation wittier,
More subtle and more tender
Than we the other gender
So all of you take note:
To women I’m giving my vote!

by Pete Crowther

Comments (7)

What a lovely poem Peter, I was looking for another poem on 'women' but can't remember the poet who wrote it! This is a lovely one though! HG: -) xx
very lovley and so very toching keep up the good work
Nice poem Peter, yes they are the very beautiful species in the world, but a married woman ask two questions.When you come early after work and you delay after work............yes she ask why?
Have started to read some of your vast range of poems, Peter, and I like this one, especially as it gives us ladies a 'boost'. Many thanks for writing it. Sincerely Ernestine
I love this poem - thank you for writing it. As a woman, I feel prililedged to read it. At 19, I always wanted to be a WREN, but went into Advertising instead in London. As a woman, have always had a special fondness for men in uniform!
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