The alternative to the only human earthly form
The courier of the seed until we are born.
A vessel of tenderness, warmth and love
The gift that was brought by the heavenly dove.

The gift with spirit and sacrifice for another
The giver of those who are called a sister and brother.
The Madonna for each and every child of thiers
The one who first loves and gives meaning to share and cares..

For eons of time the women given a subservient role
Yet they are the caretakers for every earthly soul.
If an equal gift from God then why
Man's presence so intimidating while women as a sigh.

Two total opposites born out of one
The heavenly daughter and the earthly son.
Men the rulers of religion who instilled the God of fear
Women who consoled their children who were so dear.

It is and it was the role of women to bring the children to the dove
For the child's soul to be lifted and filled with spiritual love.
The love for God and in all sisters and brothers
No greaer love will we have than from our Mothers.

03-27-06 Aho Speaks.

by AHO Speaks

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