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Women Pray To The Godess
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Women Pray To The Godess

When I was sick and thought I would end up dead
you whispered cooling thoughts through my ever aching head
When I tried not to wake you because you needed to sleep
You looked in my soul and said This baby is ours to keep
In some mystical beautiful sometimes fanciful way
You always knew just the right way to brighten up my day
You are sometimes Venus sometimes Hera but always my love to see
I just did'nt realize the life that shone so brightly on me had already done its part
It was just so hard when you were called I wonder how I can feel with my half torn heart
And that 35 was way too young for us to part
Just know that I trust in your Goddesss as I do in my God
For they both are the same, one carried love the other his great rod
And a great bolt of lightening just appeared in the air
It cant be, it couldntm but I would swear Isaw you there
So tell my Mom I; m trying I'll get there I know
And together always together we will leave our footprints in the snow

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This is a very touching poem F'nor. Very powerful. Sincerely, Mary