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Women Preachers And Pastors In The Ministry?

The Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well,
Did He not use her for His message to tell?
While today many are against women to preach,
The Master used one for His message to reach.

'Come see a man, ' chimed this child of God,
Kinda strange or should I use the word odd?
One chosen by the Creator to spread the word,
In church today should be seen and not heard.

Pastors Sheryl Brady, Gloria Williams Elaine McCollins Flake,
Women in the Ministry bring home the bacon and eat the cake,
What's all the hoopla, as long in worship you're taken higher,
The elated elevation of the gospel & don't forget Joyce Meyer.

Oh ye Cornbread Preachers, why must you always be the last?
Cruising along in slow motion with the world so moving fast,
Quoting scripture from over 2,000 years that hasn't been heard,
Don't look now but it's God's call whom will spread His word.

Several million saved and found in church or lost on the street,
Is it possible you are ticked off being ill equipped to compete?
Upset about the decision because you're not the logical choice,
Ladies just, 'Keep on truckin' Sheryl, Gloria, Elaine and Joyce.

I apologize because truly there are so many I have not mentioned,
To leave out those who are also succeeding was not my intention,
What really counts is that your church & God knows who you are,
Keep spreading the gospel in the eyes of many, shine as a Star.

Yeah! Who cares if certain individuals and groups are appalled,
They're not the reason any of you felt a need to answer the call,
It's God Almighty who chose you so guide His floundering flock,
Women preaching the good news are on Heaven's time clock.

There's absolutely nothing any type of reward from this earth,
Could ever come close to the prize the Lord feels you're worth,
Being chosen as a mouthpiece because the Creator feels a need,
Imagine getting placed in a bracket by God as a number one seed.

Always remember as you are climbing the mountain sometimes steep,
You will cause many others to follow in waters they too thought deep,
With ears that are unable to listen and from eyes which cannot see,
Forget what anyone within the church thinks as long as you believe.

Some women better than men spread the gospel haven't you heard?
Just an example of positive sisters who live and breathe the word,
They're masterful preaching scripture like a Shepherd tending his flock,
No doubt with roots firmly planted like an anchor fastened to the Rock.

And to men why who say 'no' okay the proof is in the pudding yes they can,
Rather hear a positive message from a woman than a negative 1 from man,
I'm not speaking from theory but fact since the turnaround happened for me,
The Collinwood area of Cleveland, ministers led by Pastor Sammie Bunkley.

To further illustrate this point you will need an example so here is the deal,
I had a Mr. Preacher tell me, 'Isaiah 53: 5' does not mean physically healed,
But from the mouth of the female version the exact opposite is what I heard,
Thanks! She spoke to me first & ever since I've been standing on God's word.

It's scary to imagine the horrendous circumstances of where I would now be,
Had I for one single minute listened to the negative words prophesied over me,
Whatever denomination you are allowing to pave the road you travel and live,
Never ever let it be a crooked one of doubt or unbelief, just the faith positive.

So, am I trying to dismiss the effectiveness of men in ministry? Nope!
Just those allowing the thief to kill, steal and destroy all sense of hope,
In our greatest time of need we need to be thrown a faith lifeline rope,
However, no strongman will be pulling you out if it's coated with soap.

Let's face it, you will come across preachers who cannot preach,
Just as there are teachers guiding your children who can't teach,
So, be careful not to follow in the footsteps of doubt and unbelief,
Or soon you might find yourselves drowning in an ocean of grief.

For male pastors struggling with low members & finances it must hurt,
As female counterparts abound through abundance within their church,
So, if scripture says no then why has God allowed women to come out?
Because too many male pastors are filled with fear, unbelief and doubt.

Now that you mention it, no longer do I think of women pastors as odd,
God had to do something because male leaders weren't doing their jobs,
All because while thousands of Catholic priests were abusing little boys,
Men in the pulpit were busy treating females like their personal sex toys.

And how can you tell the wrong things, from the right words they have to say?
That's easy, companies looking for the right employee will check their resume,
If the sermons do not correspond to the word of God you'll know it's time to go,
So when they don't know the word & you're following them, how will you grow?

At the time Paul wrote Corinthians women were uneducated & weak,
Heck, not only in church but at home many weren't allowed to speak,
It's been well over two thousand years so that was then and this now,
In Jewish & Greek cultures they had less respect than the family cow.

Women were the last ones at the cross & the first ones at the tomb,
Women preaching from the pulpit by no means does it spell doom,
After His resurrection, did Christ speak to men or to women first?
Finally, let us not forget the reason there had to be a virgin birth.

The next time you hear a male preacher say a woman cannot be a pastor,
Do not say anything, investigate, I'll bet their church is a financial disaster,
Those who claim to know the word & end up in a jealous unbelieving rant,
They're merely frustrated because a woman passed the test & they can't.

Exactly what can be done to get these negative connotations resolved?
Surely, Jesus came through the seed of woman man was not involved,
Do not forget, God alone chose the woman to be His perfect incubator,
And this isn't good enough for man even though it was for the Creator?

More than enough qualified women, so many, only two more I'll say,
Bishop Millicent Hunter, founder of her ministry in Philadelphia, PA,
Cleveland's true faith believing preacher of good news much thanks,
The fiery gospel messages on the one & only Minister Kenya Banks.

Women! Do not allow yourselves to be so easily dismissed,
Esther 4: 13, 'whether thou art come for such a time as this? '
Psalm 114: 8, 'God brings forth standing water from a rock, '
As you've been called who is man not allowing you to talk?

Assuredly one of the greatest messages on faith, it will surely please,
Within the browser, http: //abundantlifeccci.org/turn_around_ministries,
Men who doubt the effectiveness of women, truly fill me with laughter,
Power House Christian Fellowship, Euclid Sq Mall, Kenya's co-pastor.

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