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Women-The Masterpiece
KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

Women-The Masterpiece

Women- the masterpiece created after the rough draft
Created by god in leisure, he made her very special
She is so tender, yet so strong
Her skin so smooth, her soul so tough
An inner strength, hardness buried deep
To keep on going, when all seems lost
To nurture her family, through good and bad times
Through sickness and fatigue, without ever complaining
Sensitivity to foster her loved ones
Even when the incurred hurt is hard to heal
Fashioned from the man’s rib, she walks along
His better half, sharing his gain and pain
With magical tears designed exclusively for her
Her weapon that melts the man’s heart
The beauty lies not in her clothes
Or the way she combs her hair
It lies deep inside her pure heart
Is reflected through her pretty eyes
The door way to her heart- where love resides

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Comments (3)

Very eloquent. You have a way with words. Warm regards, Sandra
So ideally written depicting a true wowan! I enjoyed it being a man seeing the real wowan in this write, worth another 10. Regards.
Very nice work, Kavitha! And being that I am all woman, I must concur, LOL! ! ! Chrissy xx