Womens Intuition

We know what we want, when we want
And we're not afraid to ask
When we find, we we're right all along
We relish and in the moment we bask
Call it women’s intuition
Anything you desire
Women are more intelligent than men
Women are so much higher
Women control their lives
We are strong and so not weak
We can tell when you men are lying
From just the way you speak
We always have a comeback
For anything you say
We will always win the fight
We'll never back away
So don't forget to bow
To any women you meet
And try not to boys
Wolf whistle at us in the street

by nicola burkett

Comments (3)

I enjoyed reading your poem, When I was a child.
Ah my dear of golden words, you have great insight. Well done!
Cheeky, but you over-looked one thing, us men never listen in-any-way All the best Ian