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MF (9/13/87 / )


He was like Apollo: god of sun & light.
He was blessed with wisdom: so lucid & pure.
Cold, stern perhaps; yet eternal & secure:
The first one to see beyond fleeting shadows.
Unlike the disciples of Dionysus,
He was not a wild instigator of change.
Today he'd be considered conservative,
In this war torn world: that's not such a bad thing.

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wow, so cute! i liked the stanza: 'But inevitably that love turns sour The bliss is gone and now your heart aches A thousand cracks from a thousand earthquakes And you would do anything that is in your power To get it back' just something that got to me. loved it.
I have plenty of regrets about my thirty-year-old broken heart. I'm not sure it was worth it, it hasn't aged like a good bottle of wine, for me at least. Tell us what you loved about him, and be brutally honest. Help us feel your pain. I want to know exactly what you lost.