Won'T Know

Hello depression,
we meet again..
on this unsettling night.

sleep deprived,
you haunt me once again,
with your delight.

Thoughts that tell me,
could it be more true..

yes, it's been on my mind,
no, I wont do a damn thing.
it's not my place to say.

I need to walk away.
happily into the sunset,
as I fade away.

I'm not one to interrupt,
nor do I need to be loved.
perhaps, it was never meant to be.

those feelings linger,
my heart continues..
as I fall apart slowly.

she'll never know the look in my eyes..
she won't know.. how my heart will love her..
for a lifetime.

She just won't know..
as I lay here.. alone.. she remains on my mind.

by Dislocated Heart

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Sunset will come sooner or later But now bide well your time Enjoy the daily wine And when going, go fine Leave no regrets To dull the gravestones shine (good poem - keep writing)