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Won'T Let Go
MS (1991 / Baltimore, Maryland)

Won'T Let Go

Poem By Michael Smith

'One instant can change everything.'
Cause now I see clearly.
I see the mistakes I've been making.
I now see that it's you my heart yearns for.
The passion I had before.
Is so much stronger now.
Now that I know your the one I need.
To complete every aspect of the love which I desire.
'One instant can change everything.'
And I know me & you are gonna' work.
But my feelings must wait.
Till I see yours' first.
The both of us have what it takes to love each other.
You & I both know.
Cause I won't leave till your in my arms.
I won't let go.
'One instant can change everything.'
My sun has risen to a new day.
Our love will take time.
But it'll definitely turn out in a good way.


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that was beautiful are you sure you didn't swipe it out of a book..
really nice poem. i like it.