A Story Of A Girl Child........

When she was born,, there was no celebration..
even there was a negative situation..
everyone was in sorrow and in tension..
just because she was a girl child..!
don't u think this attitude wild..! ! !

they don't love her,,
they don't even care...
at the same time pampering her brother,,
isn't this is anfair.....? ?
but she know very well life is a game,
and she was a very good player...
she was ready to accept,,
each and every dare.......

she was hopeful that,,
she will be successful someday..
she will deffinately achieve her goal,,
it might be difficult but she'll find a way......
'i just want their love',,,
she always pray.....
she was practicing a lot,,
night and day..

she is also a child of god,,
she is a boon..
at that time they denied,,
but going to accept it soon....

she worked hard and finally she succeeded..
she took her step forward and never preceeded..
last she achieved her goals..
a mom. a sister a wife..she played many important roles...

now proudlyy saying i am a girl child....
a story of a girl child..


by shraddha shraddha the poetess

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