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Won, Too, Free
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Won, Too, Free

Poem By Not Long Left

won, to, free
look at me,
i can count forever.
i know that lions come from the jungle,
and that birds have things called feathers.
i know that 2 - 2 = 0
and in the winter from the sky falls snow.
i know that carrots are orange,
and come up from the ground,
and that 2, fifty pences make a pound.
i know that the sun is yellow and is very hot,
and the moon is not
it is cold and is white like cream,
and it looks down on me when i dream.

i know that pigs are pink and live in a pen,
and in space live clever spacemen,
who fight aliens and float around,
did i tell you that i know
2 fifty pences make a pound?
i learnt today that there was a man called jesus,
who did all sorts of magical things,
he made people better,
and thats why when we are in church,
we sing hymns.

what i dont know is why
people like my nan have to die,
and why elephants are so shy.
daddy says i will learn it all one day,
so for now
i am going out to play.

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Comments (5)

you empathise as a child extremly well. Great poem Liz Munro.
Your title also hooked me. I would have loved to have more lines in the same voice.
could life ever be so simple as it was then? i'm trying to get back there... good stuff here, Vincent. Jake
Brilliant title Vincent, So wonderfully put together. A celebration of innocence that has rarely been bettered. All the best Denis Joe
Adorable poem, Vincent. Your inner child is wonderful. I so enjoyed. Warmest regards, CJ