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BS (4-3-55 / )


In days of wonder long since past
When love was all and forever would last
A time when faith was blind and hope was true
And to love each other was all we could do
When time flew by like a leaf on the breeze
When we'd carve our love on benches and trees
Hearts and arrows your name over mine
We swore undying love till' the end of time
Exchanging love tokens worthless to some
When you were my world and i were your sun
You were the moon and i were the sky
The light of love shone from your eyes
When a kiss from your lips set a fire in my heart
When we could not bear to be a moment apart
Those were the days of love and wonder
Now that you've gone there's only the thunder
From my heart as it beats out its loss
Torn apart counting the cost
Laid to waste open and bare
Pouring out love finding you don't care
Reaching for stars scaling moonbeams
Drowning in tears hiding in dreams

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