It was a song that made me think of you today..
'When you signed it I love you always and forever'
one of the lines.. that made my heart skip a beat..

I sit and wonder..
I'm thinkin of you..
are you thinkin of me?

I'm missing you..
are you missing me?

I cant help, but think of you..
maybe something is wrong with me..
but all I want you to kno is.. I love you so..

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (2)

Dear friend, I am just wondering if I have another twin brother somewhere else, we are so much alike when it comes to express our feelings, great job, hope you have the chance and read two of my poems posted: 'I WONDER' and 'WONDERING' same titles as yours, you got my vote, Love and Peace, Romeo
thinkin.. missin... can't stop wonderin.... still yours.. nice poem.