( / Seneca Falls, N.Y. now in Genoa N.Y.)


sadness is always followed by tears
heartbreak to romance has always been followed by
wondering who what where and why
wonder why we must say goodbye
as your graduation comes near
but to see another grow near
as he takes my place
as the ring to promise thee
to be wed soon was is it we are doomed
my hand trembles like a lead wait
dont fret or cry
no reasons come to mind
the dreams are harnessed in a thought are mine
I wish I could say my feelings like a grape from a vine
gets better age with in time I wish these thoughts
were not from the heart
I loved you in the past
I love you in the future
our dreams are made like a grain of sand
slowly runs out if given time
as I wish you where mine
but heaven says its never too late
guess i'll put our love to the test
but the reason why we had to say goodbye
for now or love must wait could it ever be to late
I wonder? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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