what isn't to like
about the simple things now?

what's left of the world
without pricetags or arms?
tell me what's so wrong
with wondering...

I still believe
that raindrops play the most perfect symphony
the purest gold is the September soybean fields
and all the money in the would could not buy
your smile

what are you asking for?
I don't have the answers
I don't need the answers
tell me what's so wrong
with wondering...

by Kim McInnis

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sweet, innoscense(sp) .3rd line is best i think
Remember me (you probably don't want to) ? Reading your last few poems I have put you on my 'To Watch' list. You are writing some lovely stuff and I am looking for an eraser to go back and wipe some (of my) early comments. And those were so near your birthday. I still think that you might want to use a smidgen more patience as I get the impression that you are purring along very nicely and then the revv's die down. But great promise, in my amateur opinion. H