AB (1983 / Walvis Bay, Namibia)


Night black street right after rain
Weighted in dark wetness
Sepulchural veinious branches draped with night
Subtle rhythm of softly glowing street lights repeat the moon
Floating down a cracked tar river
Smug in collar hands in pocket silhouette
This is how I wonder

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Alex, I read all eleven of your poems. I like your energy and ambition. However.........this is over the edge when it comes to comprehension. Way too abstract. You are expecting much too much from your readers. This is art trying to look like art. Try getting in touch with structure and form. There is a chaos about your approach to metaphor that needs some rethinking. It may only be a matter of chronology with some of the lines. There is a huge difference between alleatory approaches that lack comprehension and a spontanaeity that can be understood. I offer these thiughts in the spirit of one artist to another. You are more than welcome to comment on my stuff as well. And in any way you like. But take a journey through some of the work on this site. There are many, manny good examples that can guide you. Anyway. I wish you the best. This is a good place to be.