KXN (28th May 1986 / Nigeria)

Wonder Age

Teenage age, what an age!
Where maturity broods in the twenties.
A swimmable ocean of difficulties
but, deletion of secrecy icon leads to assuage.
Teenage age, what an age!
Shrouded in indiscoverable mystries
yet to be unravelled through discoveries
what becomes of this sticky-stack class in upper age.
Surely, certainty lies on two stuffs
but, determinants are numerous
for these two end products.Upshot
is homogenous-heterogenous brand of surfs.
There is undying love for discretion with porous
minds needing tending like apricot.

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Comments (2)

It is as wonder age but 'A swimmable ocean of difficulties' that can be achieved through.
Welcome, KC - indeed it is a wonder age, isn't it? And the dialectic of filial struggle for supremacy that it precipitates is synonymous with the 'swimmable ocean of diificulties' you speak of. Brother, keep on writing, and keep on trying to be the best you can, along with others and in tolerance of their progress. Be the good man I know you are.