Wonder Living A Life Of Stammerer......!

Poem By Naveen Choudary

Still am being stammed
Or you can say Jammed

When i wanna say somethin
WHen I wanna express
when i wanna plead

You guess what happens
I stumbles
As my accent fumbles
The dark sere of stammering
drowned my life
In the sea
The sea of anguishes
Life's been a dark mystery unsolved
PLeading and crying
But stammer still unresolved

No hope, am sure
No one to set me ashore.

But there's a new ray might strike
Pulling my life off trodden plights

Or some day in this turbulent sea
There's sets a tranquility and peace of new life

Till then i will fight
like a true knight
Day till night

There's hope........................!

Comments about Wonder Living A Life Of Stammerer......!

i keep reading this for strength..thank you

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