No Love Lost, No Love Found

I don't want meaningless love,
I want something that lasts
but my life as I know it,
is like broken glass
I try to pick up the pieces,
they cut me in vein
but I'd rather hurt,
than feel no pain.

Each time I fall harder,
than the one before
but regardless of that,
I'll still hit the floor
and it hurts like hell,
to be alone
but my heart in the meantime,
will aimlessly roam.

They say whats meant for you,
wont pass you by
but I feel those words,
are just one more lie
because so much has passed me,
it couldn't be right
but what can you do,
when shes no longer in sight.

Why is love always so feared
just start slow in first,
then move to 5th gear
to run and to hide will keep you at bay,
but to try and endure could lead you the right way
even after your heart hits the ground,
the sky may be grey, but not love lost.. no love found.

-Reece Sullivan
February - 27 - 2011

by Reece Sullivan

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